The Australian Dance Festival proudly launched "Resonate" in 2019 in order to share the Australian Dance Festival experience with primary and high school students.  We recognised that primary and high schools found it difficult to bring students to the Australian Dance Festival due to weekend timing (Resonate is on Friday, on the last day of the NSW Term 3 School term).

Resonate aims to create a safe, nurturing and inspiring space for primary and high school students, and their teachers to experience the workshops and performance opportunities at the Australian Dance Festival.

We chose the name "Resonate" (def'n: To evoke a feeling of shared emotion or belief with someone) in recognition of the power of dance to inspire, teach and empower individuals to grow in their self-belief and own innate potential.

We wish to thank the schools who participated in the inaugural 2019 Resonate program.   

The joy and energy which the students brought to the workshops was incredible.  We witnessed students coming into the workshops feeling intimidated and shy, to coming out of their shells and having their courage to show what they had learned cheered on by their peers.  Our instructors were thrilled to have so many eager students hungry to learn and be inspired.  We were stunned by the quality of the performances brought to the Australian Dance Festival stage by the school groups.  We cannot wait to do it all over again in 2020.



To provide school students with a hands on challenge that will engage their skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity


To give our youth a voice – their performance will be seen by a live audience of 3,000+ as well as broadcast on the Australian Dance Festival YouTube Channel


To provide opportunities to learn about leadership, team work, and how to express ideas and see them come to life.


To give school students exposure to Australia’s best in dance, and inspire them to integrate dance and it’s benefits into their lives.


To provide professional development and community to Dance Teachers working in Primary & High schools,

Resonate: our Values


We RESPECT that our children have something important to say, and ideas to share.


We mean what we say, and we say what we mean. Our words and actions have values.


ENRICHMENT of your current performing arts program to bring clarity and depth to your students’ performance.


To develop and experience pride and passion by being part of an amazing team performance.

Resonate: The EXPERIENCE


Workshops with some of Australia's best choreographers


Opportunity to perform on the Australian Dance Festival stage with 2,500 audience capacity


Personal Mentoring by one Australia’s most experienced curators of school dance performance.