Teachers who participate in RESONATE will experience:

  • Personal Mentoring by one Australia’s most experienced curators of school dance performance.

  • Your mentor will be Gabrielle Robinson who has over 8 years of experience putting together award winning story telling dances for schools across South Australia.

  • Your Mentoring sessions will cover how to:

    • Elicit the best ideas from their students

    • Storyboard their ideas

    • Develop concept to choreography

    • Source the right music for their item  

    • Turn their vision into a reality.                  

    • Develop creative ideas for costuming and props

    • Develop stage management for students

  • The opportunity to create high quality work that is appreciated for, showcased in, and judged on the industry standard.​

  • Professional Development Day (Friday 25th September) hosted in the Teachers VIP Room at the Australian Dance Festival.