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Who is Resonate for?

Resonate is for Primary and Secondary Students. ​If your school has a passionate Performing Arts team and you have some movers and shakers in your student cohort, your school needs to be involved. If you don’t have the skill set to be able to pull this off we have a large pool of choreographers who will create it all for you from commencement to completion.

How can you get Involved?

Complete the Online Application Form. If you have any difficulties accessing this form, please email: or call 0434 239 059. Wait for your registration acceptance from the ADF RESONATE team Once you have been accepted you will receive your Next Steps Booklet.

Where Does Resonate Take Place?

RESONATE will be hosted at the Quay Centre at Sydney Olympic Park on Friday 25th September, 2020 for Primary and Secondary Schools.

What Will Happen Before and During the Festival?

On the day, your students will participate in our RESONATE dance workshops, giving them a taste of the Australian Dance Festival and access to Australia’s most sought after industry professionals. The workshops will prepare the students for an opening and closing ceremony for RESONATE. You as dance teachers and specialists are also invited to participate in or observe these workshops should you desire. All communication will be delivered to you via email well before the event allowing you the opportunity to communicate with your students and families and for you to be super organised.

What Happens On the Day?

Chosen schools are scheduled into our rehearsals on Friday 25th September, 2020 at the Quaycentre, Sydney Olympic Park.
Upon arrival you will be:

  • Greeted by a friendly Australian Dance Festival RESONATE marshal
  • Escorted to your dressing room
  • Provided with clear instructions about the next steps for the day
During the day. Your students will:
  • 9am: Arrive at Quaycentre
  • 9.30am - 10am: Complete a safety induction
  • 10am - 4pm: Students in Dance Workshops
  • 12.30pm - 4pm: Tech Rehearsals (10 mins per school). Schools not in rehearsal will be able to participate in the workshops
  • Student will have the opportunity to speak to dance industry leaders about the pathways in dance while waiting for their tech rehearsal ​
  • From 6pm: Start preparations for their performance
  • Doors Open at 6.30pm for a 7pm show time
  • Shows scheduled to finish by 9.30pm
On the night of the performance:
  • Prepare their hair, make up and costumes for their item
  • A marshal will escort them to the stage to pre-set
  • Perform on the Australian Dance Festival stage
  • If space and time permit, sit in the audience to watch other schools perform
Friday 25th September, Professional Development Day for Dance Teachers @ The Genea Netball Centre, Sydney Olympic Park
  • Professional Development Workshops will run from 10am - 4pm. Topics from last year included:
  • Taking Dance From Zero To Hero at Your School. Strategies for effectively advocating for Dance in Primary & High S​chools
  • Best Practice in Engaging Students to Create Award Winning Showpieces
  • The Whys & Hows of Delivering National Qualifications in Dance to your school students (Hint: There are funding benefits!)
  • You will also be able to access the dance workshops for students (as a spectator), the evening show, and the expo on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

What Costs are Involved?

Entry fee is $500 inc. GST. which includes the following:

For Teachers

  • 2 x Teachers Passes to the Australian Dance Festival valued at $180 each (Total value: $360)
For Students:
  • 4 x Workshops with some of Australia's Best Choreographers
  • Students will have the opportunity to speak to dance industry leaders about the pathways in dance while waiting for their Tech Rehearsals
For The School:
  • 2 x Free Tickets to Resonate (valued at $80) for your heads of school
Please note the below costs are not included:
  • Transport costs to and from the Festival will need to be covered by the students / schools
  • If students / staff wish to participate in the Festival on Saturday 26th – Sunday 27th September, then please refer to the information on Group Bookings on our website.
  • Family, friends and other staff members who wish to spectate on Friday 25th September will have to pay a ticket fee of $40 per person.

The Resonate Experience

Students who participate in RESONATE will experience: * Workshops with some of Australia's best choreographers (Faculty will be confirmed in early 2020). * The opportunity to perform on the Australian Dance Festival stage with 2,500 audience capacity * The opportunity to speak to dance industry leaders about the pathways in dance while waiting for their tech rehearsals on Thursday 19th September. * Encouragement, fulfilment and enrichment through the creative process that RESONATE enables Teachers who participate in RESONATE will get the opportunity to: * Elicit the best ideas from their students * Storyboard their ideas * Develop concept to choreography * Source the right music for their item * Turn their vision into a reality. * Develop creative ideas for costuming and props * Develop stage management for students * The opportunity to create high quality work that is appreciated for, showcased in, and judged on the industry standard.​ * Professional Development Day (Friday 25th September) hosted in the Teachers VIP Room at the Australian Dance Festival. Topics will be tailored for dance teachers in the Primary & High School environment.

What is the Resonate Performance Criteria?

Each item must be between 4 - 5 minutes. All props and scenery must only be hand held and operated by the performers on stage. All items will have a short time to pre-set and bump off the stage. The RESONATE Judging panel will be made up of 3 key dance industry personalities to be announced prior to the event. At the conclusion of the performance day the following awards will be presented by our judges:

  • Best Concept
  • Most effective choreography
  • Most creative use of props and scenery
  • Best overall performance
  • Most co-operative school



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